Do people have difficulty using your web site or software product?

If you need help identifying and fixing usability problems with an existing web site or software product, or simply want to avoid usability problems in the future, Experience by Design can help. Want to learn more about how we work?

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Do you need a user experience team that's right for you?

Our approach to successful user experience design is simple: We focus on designing user experiences that are intuitive and elegant, and get people to the information and features they need with predictability and ease. Don't let usability problems keep your business from achieving its full potential.

Experience by Design Services:
» User Experience Review
» Competitive Assestment
» Audience Profiling
and User Research
» User Experience and
Internet Strategy
» Product Ideation
» Information Architecture
and Navigation Design
» Interaction and Interface
» Information and Graphic Design
» Front-end and UI Development
» Project Management
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