Sprint: Visual Centered Analysis and Modeling

How visual requirements, task modeling and interface design create user-friendly systems for improved performance and increased ROI.

Sprint (formerly Nextel Communications) is a leading provider of wireless communications services over an all-digital wireless network serving millions of customers across the United States and around the world.

The Challenge
Sprint needed to improve the processes and systems it used to acquire, manage and monitor spectrum for the company's cellular networks. This was necessary to maintain a high level of service for existing customers, while growing its subscriber base and extending its service offerings. Experience by Design worked with Sprint's Corporate Strategy team to identify functionality and features, define critical data and information needs, and design the look and feel of the user interfaces for a suite of integrated desktop and web-based applications to support its spectrum acquisition and network optimization operations.

The Solution
Experience by Design brought its Visual Centered Analysis and Modeling™ methodology to work with project stakeholders and team members across the company involved in strategy, spectrum acquisition and network management. Analysis of business and work processes were leveraged to develop system and experience models, application flow diagrams, wireframes and other work products to document findings and designs. These documents were used to guide the planning, design and implementation of the software Sprint needed to achieve its goals.

The Result
Experience by Design delivered design documents specifying the Sprint Corporate Strategy team's vision for the software tools they need to successfully meet their operational and strategic goals. The result is a successful and on time implementation of tools that help users perform tasks more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

» Business and Requirements Analysis
» Concept Modeling and Task Analysis
» Information Architecture & Navigation Design
» Interaction and User Interface Design


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