Brabeion: Software Product Redesign

User experience design supports collaborative development for a more competitive product offering.

Brabeion Software (now a division of EMC Corporation) is a leading provider of risk and compliance management solutions. The companyís products provide private and public-sector clients with a knowledge base and tools for creating, deploying and managing robust security and regulatory compliance programs.

The Challenge
Brabeion wanted to extend the capabilities and enhance the performance of its products to grow its share in the marketplace. Brabeionís leadership team decided to redesign the productís user interface and core feature set and migrate to a new technical infrastructure to improve overall productivity, performance and appeal.

The Solution
Experience by Design brought its knowledge of software user interface design and engineering to help Brabeionís leadership team. Together, we defined requirements and the technical framework for the productís new front-end architecture. Findings were used to create functional flows, use cases, annotated wireframes and an ASP .NET and CSS framework to document the productís new user interface. Once completed and approved, Experience by Design supported the transition of the project to an offshore team to build.

The Result
Brabeion Software now has a best-of-breed product that satisfies even the most complex needs in the enterprise risk and compliance marketplace. With a user-friendly interface, features that make the product more intuitive, along with a more robust technology platform that is flexible and easy to maintain, Brabeionís customers can now design, deploy and manage security and regulatory compliance programs in less time, with greater precision and at lower costs.

» Conceptual Modeling
» Requirements and Use Case Development
» Interaction Design
» User Interface Design
» Front-end Engineering and Development


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