GoalFace: Engaging the global soccer community around the passion of the game.

Strategy and design services for an interactive sports information and online community experience.

GoalFace (www.goalface.com) is a content rich, social media web site for soccer fans, professionals and industry stakeholders that make up the global soccer community. GoalFace brings together a mix of web 2.0 features and content covering 100,000+ soccer players and teams from 200+ professional leagues across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia in an engaging, easy-to-use and fun experience.

The Challenge
The GoalFace management team needed a firm to help ideate, design and plan a web site with social networking capabilities built around a library of soccer content. They wanted a firm with the ability to create a scalable, unified information architecture that was also versed in the latest web 2.0 and social media trends for a web site expected to be 1,000,000+ pages at launch.

The Solution
Experience by Design brought its grounding in information architecture, user experience design and knowledge of online community and social media to help the GoalFace management team document their vision and strategy. Experience by Design worked with the GoalFace team to create a product roadmap to guide the planning, design, build and launch of the web site, widgets and mobile applications to be released in phases over several years. Experience by Design used the strategy and roadmap as inputs to inform the initial concepts and designs for the first version of the GoalFace platform. Work products and deliverables included a site map, navigation models, experience flows and concept wireframes to iterate and advance the design of the web site's structure, features, content display, core interactions and user interface patterns. Once approved, Experience by Design developed user interface specifications to guide the teams that built and tested the GoalFace web site and applications.

The Result
GoalFace has a fully integrated web site, along with a strategy and roadmap for an extended suite of content and social media platforms to build out as they work to engage the global soccer community around the passion of the game.

» Product Ideation & Strategy
» Online Community & Social Media Strategy
» Information Architecture & Navigation Design
» Task Analysis & Interaction Design
» User Experience Modeling
» User Interface Design
» Expert Review & User Testing
» Front-end Engineering and Development


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