Successful experiences happen by design. Here’s how we’ll create yours.

Analysis & Modeling

We build on everything learned during Discovery to better understand your target audiences, build consensus, and frame your key objectives.

AI and Experience Modeling

Using primary and secondary research techniques, we:

  • Define your target audience
  • Discover their critical needs, goals, and motivations
  • Find out how they expect to interact with your business

We identify key audience scenarios and create stories to outline:

  • The variety of paths users are likely to take
  • The responses they’ll encounter with each action
  • What successful outcomes should look like

Our visualizations will show how your products and services work, both individually and as a holistic brand experience. Examples include:

  • Site maps
  • Workflow diagrams
  • User journey maps

We create early-stage interfaces and prototypes to validate and test the proposed:

  • Information architecture
  • Page layouts
  • Key features and functions

We’ll monitor representative users as they review content, navigate the interface, and perform tasks so we can:

  • Measure the product or service’s performance
  • Gather audience ratings on functions and features
  • Understand how users feel about the total experience

Drawing on all we’ve learned, we’ll create a vision and plan to design, develop, measure, and continuously monitor your offerings to:

  • Ensure each phase aligns with your goals
  • Fine-tune each product or service to fit in the big picture
  • Reveal ways to add extra value for your audience and business

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